Correspondence League

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If you want to participate, just post it in the forum.
League 1: MarkusNemetz
League 2: TrueZarathustra
League 3: NoahSchade
1. In each league, there play 5 players.
2. Everyone plays one rated Correspondence game (2 days) against everyone in his league.
3. All 3 games must start at the latest one week after the season starts. If a game didn‘t start until then, none of the players will get a point. If one of the players can prove that he challenged his opponent but the opponent didn‘t accept it, this player wins.
4. After a game finishes, one of the players should immediately post the result in the forum.
5. You have to finish your games and post the results in the forum within 3 months after the start of the tournament, else you have to play a classical unrated game (30+0) within 1 week, starting from the last position in the correspondence game.
6. New players get placed into the leagues by their correspondence rating.
7. A win will be worth one point, a draw 1/2 point.
8. When all games are finished, the season ends and the best player of every league goes up to a higher league, the worst player of every league goes down to a lower league for the next season.
9. If two players have the same points at the end of the season, the player that won against the other will get the higher position in the table. If the game between these two players was a draw, they have one week to play as many rated rapid games (10+5) until one of them wins. If they didn‘t finish within one week and none of the players can prove that he challenged his opponent (like in §3), I will decide the final placements by lot.
10. All players that played their games automatically participate in the next season. If one of them doesn‘t want to, he has to post it into the next season‘s thread. If a player didn‘t play his games, he gets disqualified and has to sign up again for the next season.
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