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This team is for all players who are interested in correspondence tournaments. I will send team messages when a new tournament is about to start. Besides, the correspondence cup takes place in this team‘s forum. The correspondence league takes place in this team:
Season 1: @MarkusNemetz
Season 2: @BHort
Season 3: @Lusanare_84 (Open division); @braunegefahr (<2000 division)
Season 4: @Lusanare_84 (Open division); @NoahSchade (<2000 division)
Season 5: @BHort (Open division); @Samarth2006 (<2000 division); @VihaanDumir (<1800 division)
Season 6: 🥇@weBNimzo; 🥈@BHort; 🥉@TavitaBalming
Correspondence Cup: @Axp156 (Open division); @NoahSchade (<2000 division)
§1. In each league, there play 10 players. League 2 and lower may be divided in 2 groups, that depends on the number of participants.
§2. Each season lasts 4 months and starts at the first day of the month.
§3. Everyone plays one rated correspondence game (2 days) against everyone in his league. At the 1st day of each month, the next 3 rounds start. In the last month of the season no new rounds start, so this month is only to end the remaining games that started in the months before.
§4. White has to challenge black and post the game link in the forum. All 3 games that has to be played per month must start until the fifth day of the month. If a game didn‘t start until then, black wins unless white can prove that black didn‘t accept the challenge (for example with a screenshot of the challenge).
§5. If a game isn’t finished one week before the end of the season, the players have to play an unrated game (30+0), starting from the last position in the correspondence game within that week to determine the result.
§6. A win is worth one point, a draw 1/2 point.
§7. At the end of the season, the best 2 player of every league move up a league, the worst 2 player of every league relegate a league for the next season.
§7.1. If there are leagues divided into groups, this rule changes for the highest league that is divided in groups. In this league, only the winners of both group and the 2nd place who scored more points move up a league. That means that in the league above, the last 3 players relegate a league.
§8. Tie breaks (if 2 or more players have the same points):
#1: Points vs. tied participants
#2: Match wins
#3: Tiebreak games between all tied participants (10+5; rated)



2nd Cup - Registration Arena2+0 • Bullet • Rated • 45mInner team
5th SchemingMind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h19 teams battle
4th Scheming Mind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h18 teams battle
3rd Scheming Mind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h17 teams battle
2nd SchemingMind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h14 teams battle


2nd Correspondence CupSamarth2006 •

I won my second game also against Aoop09 @Samarth2006 2 - 0 @AOOP09

2nd Correspondence Cupscal38 •

@scal38 2 - @sabutuma 0

2nd Correspondence CupLoddonite •

@tavitabalming 1/2 @Loddonite 1/2

2nd Correspondence CupRodilator •

2nd Correspondence CupweBNimzo •

Round 1 @Rodilator Vs. @weBNimzo 0 - 1

2nd Correspondence CupSamarth2006 •

I won my first game against @aoop09

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