Correspondence League

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This team is for all players interested in correspondence tournaments. If you join, you’ll get notified when a new tournament starts. The correspondence league, our main tournament takes place in this team (only for participants of the tournament):


Season 1: @MarkusNemetz
Season 2: @BHort
Season 3: @Lusanare_84 (Open division) @braunegefahr (<2000 division)
Season 4: @Lusanare_84 (Open division) @NoahSchade (<2000 division)
Season 5: @BHort (Open division) @Samarth2006 (<2000 division) @VihaanDumir (<1800)
Season 6: 1. @weBNimzo 2. @BHort 3. @TavitaBalming
Season 7: 1. @DJJuergen 2.@TavitaBalming 3. @weBNimzo
Season 8: 1.@Rexraja 2.@DJJuergen 3. @weBNimzo
Season 9: 1.@ 2.@3.@

1st Correspondence Cup: @Axp156 (Open division); @NoahSchade (<2000 division)
2nd Correspondence Cup: 1. @Rexraja; 2. @TavitaBalming ; 3. @DJJuergen
3rd Correspondence Cup: 1. @weBNimzo; 2. @TavitaBalming ; 3. @DJJuergen
4th Correspondence Cup: 1. @weBNimzo 2. @DJJuergen 3. NM @Aries65

Season 9 Match
§1. In each Group there are 10 players. Each player plays ONLY ONE Game against his/her opponent for every Round. The rate of play will be 2 days per move. Group G is dedicated for Late Entries (Ratings may vary greatly in this Group), Other Groups may be formed depending on the number of participants.
§2. Each Round may last approximately a month. However, a NEW Round will start on the first day of each month for 6 consecutive months.
§3. Everyone will play alternate colours against opponents in his/her Group (With some exceptions).
§4. White must challenge black and post the game link in his/her respective Group forum. After Round 6 the remaining 3 games should started during that LAST month. Games from each of the previous Rounds MUST be started before the fifth day of the START of the month. If a game did not start on time, Black wins unless White can prove that Black did not accept the challenge (for example with a screenshot of the challenge).
§5. If a game is not finished at the end or start of a new Round, the players will continue to play the game as well as starting their NEW correspondence game within that month.
§6. A win is worth one point, a draw 1/2 point AND a loss 0 point.
§7. At the end of the season, the best Two players of every Group get PROMOTED up a Group, the worst 2 players of every Group are RELEGATED to a LOWER Group for the next season. ALL The Groups Winners will play in a Mini Tourney to complete STAGE 2 Overall Winner
§7.1. The Mini Tourney (STAGE 2) will be contested by a Knockout Structure until an overall Winner, Second place and Third place is established.
§8. Tie breaks if 2 or more players have the same points: The following Tie break Rules apply:
#1: Points vs. tied participants
#2: Match wins
#3: Tiebreak games between all tied participants (10+5; rated)


2nd Cup - Registration Arena2+0 • Bullet • Rated • 45mInner team
5th SchemingMind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h19 teams battle
4th Scheming Mind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h18 teams battle
3rd Scheming Mind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h17 teams battle
2nd SchemingMind Rapid Team Battle10+5 • Rapid • Rated • 2h14 teams battle