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  1. Tactic 11782 dvst


  2. Tactic 11782 Mondayhater

    To be found here: I don't get why Bd4 isn't a better move than exchanging queens.

  3. New Chesscademy Course - Attack seanysean

    Nice 404 page! it says: "We couldn't find what you were looking for. Unfortunately the page you were looking for could not be found. It may be temporarily unavailable, moved or no longer exist."

  4. New Chesscademy Course - The Fire Breathing Sicilian Dragon x73ar

    404 error page not found

  5. Site calls game a "draw" - why? lcsanjuan

    Are you sure you attacked White's King AND made it impossible to move? Maybe you the game ended Stalemate, hence the draw. That happens when you or your opponent's cannot make a legal move but the Ki

  6. Site calls game a "draw" - why? Metanoiac

    Was playing Black on Game #2 of "Getting Started", had just removed the last of White's pieces, leaving only the King. Using my Queen and Rook, I made it impossible for the White King to move any dire

  7. New material TheAdvocate

    I'm still interested in whether or not chesscademy is going to release any further material. Tactics and playing against the computer are not what interest me on chesscademy. Chesstempo and liches

  8. Friends Amc-AntonPg

    I love to chat with other players in Inbox so please if anybody interested in talking with me add me to your friends please Kind regards Anton

  9. New Chesscademy Course - Strategic Prophylaxis filipivancevic

    to easy for beginers

  10. New material TheAdvocate

    Any word on when the next set of lessons will be released? I'm eager to come back for more!

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