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NM ZugAddict lichess streamer

NM ZugAddict

Chess is Hard (tm)


Last stream

The meh of victory, the augh of defeat. The constant Sisyphean quest for, if not happiness, then perhaps some brief bubble of chess contentment not yet snuffed from its tenuous existence by my next, inevitable blunder.

2301 2427 2103 2036 2207 2227

Gained 2 new followers

10 wins7 losses
Played 17 Blitz games 230148

3 wins
Played 3 Blitz games 234925

9 wins
Played 9 Blitz games 232452
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Created 1 new study

14 wins1 draw2 losses
Played 17 Blitz games 227288
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23 wins6 draws19 losses
Played 48 Blitz games 2184116
Gained 6 new followers
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #200 (top 5%) with 35 games in Yearly SuperBlitz Arena

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Gained 2 new followers