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GM SaintLouisChessClub lichess streamer

GM SaintLouisChessClub

We stream tournaments and educational lessons


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Our goals are to elevate the game of chess throughout the Saint Louis community and to introduce chess to thousands of Saint Louis’ children and adults. Recognizing the cognitive and behavioral benefits of chess, the Saint Louis Chess Club is committed to supporting those chess programs that already exist in area schools, while encouraging the development of new programs within regular school curricula.
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1 loss
Solved 1 tactical puzzle 21058

24 wins26 losses
Solved 50 tactical puzzles 211387

38 wins14 losses
Solved 52 tactical puzzles 2200109
Gained 4 new followers

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Gained 3 new followers

1 win1 loss
Solved 2 tactical puzzles 20911
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