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How to delete a team?

Asked by alleey
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A team with no member other than the creator and no forum posts; is there a way to delete it?

If there is an admin reading this, can you please delete the team that I've created?
8 Answers
Answered by Chess_Agent

Mods can delete teams now. Simply report the team ( You need to be the team leader. Also, note that your request is at the mods' discretion (i.e.: if it's a very popular team, it might not get deleted).
Unihedron commented :
Note that if you want to get a team deleted, you need a very convincing reason in order to get the mods to commit the action. Team deletion is meant for dealing with problematic teams that exhibit or promote negative behaviour.
Mijail_Topalov commented :
i want delete my team . i clicked in your link and say error when i write the name's team
jojoyxu commented :
@Mijail_Topalov i have the same error
Answered by arspayth
Can you please delete the team "Rook Roosters"? Thanks!
Answered by monchy
¿Do the admins can change the name of a team? I have a team and I want to change the name.
Answered by nathoe
The reason for making the team was a trial, does that mean I have to stay with the team because it is not problematic
Answered by Monstrodimus
Please delete my team "Crimea". I created it by mistake. Thanks in advance.
Answered by BenjaminFz
Can you please delete my team called:

gerozulimintztzterastijhggfdsshg .reg98)(()%$&§"!)=?#'

Thanks ;)
Answered by Ozymandias_Realista
How i delete one team i have? he name is Contato_2016.
I have other team now, the "BR_ARMY".
Answered by alleey
#4 Do we report here? Where and how does one report anything to the moderators?
Chess_Agent commented :
Report it using the report button

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