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Suggestions for correspondence games on the mobile app

Asked by collintheestump
Tags correspondence mobile app application community friend
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Hey LiChess Creators,

Let my preference this by saying I love the site and the mobile app. It is obvious you all have put in a lot of good work and I am continually impressed by all the improvements that come out with each update.

However, when it comes to correspondence games on the mobile app, there is some room for improvement.

For one, when I challenge a friend to a correspondence game they must respond to it shortly thereafter. Otherwise, the "waiting for opponent" windows stays displayed until they respond. The only other way to get the window to close is to cancel which, obviously cancels the game. It would be nice if the correspondence request could be sent as a simple message and I could continue to use the rest of the app while I waited on them to respond. This only happens when I challenge a specific user.

Secondly, a notification indicating that my opponent has moved would be a nice feature to have. I sometimes have to remind my friends "Hey, you have an hour left to make a move on our game." I hate it when a correspondence game ends on a time delay. I want to suggest a configurable notification setting for each correspondence game, such as "Notify Me When it is my turn" and "Notify me when I have X amount of time left to make a move" or anything else really.

Please continue to keep up the good work and continue making the LiChess experience the best it can be.

wallyballs commented :
Both issues Collin brought up need to be fixed.

If you don't have push notifications for moves, and friends cant accept an invite unless they happen have the iphone app open at the exact same time as you, what is the point to even have a correspondence feature in the mobile App. Push Notifications and proper game invite system should be "table stakes" to have a mobile chess app.
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