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How to report players for verbal abuse (insults)?

Asked by Mawk
Tags racism insults verbal abuse report flag
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When an opponent uses racial slurs or is just plain rude, it would be good to be able to flag /report them
3 Answers
Answered by Chess_Agent
Simply click on the opponent's username, look for the button on the user's profile that, when you mouseover it, says "Report [username] to Moderators".

Click the report button, and it'll bring you to a page where you can submit a report. Select a reason from the dropdown box, copy and paste the conversation in question, and click the send button.

Please help the moderation team by providing a translation of the conversation in question. It'll speed the process up. The moderation team will look over the report and take appropriate action.
Mawk commented :
Great, I was trying to find that button in game, but now I know
Aki_Tendo commented :
There is no report button anymore.
Answered by IDISJUDA
report players for verbal abuse (insults) Мy оpponent- InsaneMXQ -грязно ругался "нахуй пошел"-Fuck you (In personal correspondence and after the party
Answered by groeni
I have been repeatedly insulted by a user who banned me to avoid any answer. Is this something you would like to receive screenshot of?
Ricardito38294 commented :
This isnt the right place to report.

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