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Can someone be banned for using computer assistance in variants?

Asked by Caustic
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My question is: does LiChess ban people who use computer assistance in variants?

I'll use the example of atomic, cos I'm half-decent at it and it's the only one I regularly play. There was a user today who played a few atomic games, destroyed most and then was promptly banned, all within the space of an hour. I didn't see if he or she played regular chess to be banned, so wondered if he/she was banned for using an engine at atomic.

If so, how does LiChess detect whether someone is a cheat at a variant. Do you have an atomkraft or something to compare moves with? Or do you solely go on move time and other indicators like that? Just interested, this is hardly a pressing concern, also might help me accurately report people if I think they're robotically good.
One answer
Answered by Unihedron

While Lichess does not currently automatically mark engine users of variants that cannot be analyzed (and hence does not have records), moderators analyze the games to judge if a user is cheating. There are indeed more metrics than move times.
Mivix commented :
Does that bring any risk to highly ranked players? Maybe Players uniquely talented, or that have played for a long time, but only found the site recently?
Unihedron commented :
I believe we are able to distinct good players from engine abusers.

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