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Title for Antichess players

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Antichess is becoming too popular now.

Their are many great players too ...

There are several titles for other variants like LM, IM, etc. etc.

Can you please create a title for Antichess too?
2 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
It's not time yet. Maybe when engine analysis for antichess is added it would be a better time to review claiming antichess worthy of the title. Or maybe when antichess gains more publicity in media. Or when more competitive antichess events happen beyond arenas. The same applies for atomic and any new variants - It's more important to assess its (the variant's) impact first.
Answered by AreeYaar
the titles are given by fide for only standard chess ,not for other variants .
But LM is only given by lichess and i think these are not for the variants except LM
ASIMTROTE commented :
So we'll not a have a title for antichess players ever?
not even from lichess?

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