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Which games do you see in the lobby when there are more than 14 active?

Asked by jimj12
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Lately with the higher amount of players, I find the lobby is always full of open games. Can you make it so we can choose how many we want to see? Maybe there are games more attractive to us that aren't being shown?
2 Answers
Answered by jimj12
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o_OMentalistO_o commented :
first the highest ratings in bullet blitz and classical the vairiants from highest rating to lowest
1888 1+0
1700 5+3
1233 0+2
horde 1800 1+0
chess 960 1500 10+0
atomic 969 6+0
Answered by o_OMentalistO_o
first the from high to low ratings in bullet blitx and classical
then the ratings from high to low in variants.
example rating
Bullet 1888 1+0 if there are any higher ratings then this.
Blitx 1700 5+3 then this
Bullet 1233 0+2 then this
horde 1800 1+0 then this
chess 960 1500 10+0 then this
atomic 969 6+0 this will dissapear first

edit: if u want to see certain games u can tap the settings button. there u can change the rating that will appear and what kind of games sadly u cant change it for others so if u want to play horde and there are more the 14 players and u got a low rating no one will notice u...

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