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Are streamers who take advice on moves from chat cheating?

Asked by TalYekkin
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I couldn't find any previous posts on this topic so I started a new one. My question is in the title. Are streamers who take advice on moves from chat cheating?

A lot of streamers seem to do it, maybe more so in the past than recently. Not sure on the legality of this because the rules seem to forbid it, yet I've seen many streamers do it in the past. I think it makes streams more fun, educational and interesting for everyone.

Though I can see how it's unfair for the streamers opponents. Maybe there could be some sort of indicator of when you face someone who's streaming so you are at least aware of their assistance.
2 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
Yes, because it is external assistance. In most cases the streamers are strong players themselves and the kibitzing doesn't have much of an impact, but otherwise streamers are asked to behave and not rely on the chat, otherwise it is treated as cheating.

Moderators will generally exercise more attention in such cases though, and will likely only take action when both the streamer and the audience refuses to behave.
TalYekkin commented :
'Backseating' certainly is prevalent on twitch no matter what game is being played. I think this is a good stance on it.
Answered by Himiko
My 2 penneth is that usually streamers are much stronger than the kibitzers, so any advice they receive would be more distracting than helpful!
seanysean commented :
...Except for the engine users?

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