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Is it possible to control the sound volume?

Asked by mietk
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It doesn't look like this has been implemented yet, if so would it be possible to add in the future?
Has anyone heard of a hack to control the volume on a particular website in Firefox?
2 Answers
Answered by mietk
It seems that as of today an update has been introduced which enables us to select sound volume by hovering over the speaker icon in the top right corner of the site. This is exactly what I was thinking about and i am very thankful to whoever made this possible :)
Answered by LM AdmiralA
Unfortunately not - all one can do at the moment is toggle it on or off completely. As for controlling volume on a per-tab basis in Firefox, I haven't the foggiest idea. If you're waiting on a turn, you can pay attention to the tab titles.
mietk commented :
Thanks very much for your answer, AdmiralA. The default volume is a tad too loud when listening to music, so I adjust the volume of the music player and Firefox accordingly. Not a huge hassle but would be nice to have a setting on lichess. Hopefully the devs read this and say what's their view on this.

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