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Connection related

Asked by DABO5000
Tags connection issues
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Hey guys! I want to know why I have been continually been disconnecting from my games. My internet is fine on the website as we speak. As a result I know it is because of this website. Is there throttling that is occurring at this website, would this be in relation to the provider? Let's say the provider is like we do not like lichess and therefore we will slow down the connection. I have literally lost 5 games in a row because of this and as a result I am very upset. Thanks
2 Answers
Answered by DoTheMath
If your connection seems good there, then you might need to do some troubleshooting. You can open a thread in the Feedback Forum ( and provide more information.

Also, you only have one disconnection loss. Could be because you mainly play fast games, so you just flag instead.
Answered by DABO5000
Yes, so there was an issue with reconnecting then connecting and these bouts would happen for 20 seconds. In fact refreshing made it faster. But in a 3-0 game every second counts. I also only have one disconnection loss because It goes against my morals. If you are intent on losing just resign, do not let the time run out.

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