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How to watch more games at once (simultaneously)

Asked by thinkerteacher
Tags watching games
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I am wondering how to watch a few games simulatenously. For example I have 6 friends and I want to watch their games at one screen (tab), 3 games in a top row and another 3 at the bottom one. Is it possible or you have to open more tabs and switch between these all the time?
One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
There's no multiboard view for custom players' tv. It might be an interesting feature, perhaps integrated into the Study feature or if was customizable, both of which have multiboard view already. You can make a feature request in the Feedback Forum:

What you can do right now is just open the games in separate windows, reduce the board and site size, and arrange them so that they're all visible. On Windows, for example, you can arange them in this way automatically, by right-clicking the taskbar and choosing "Show windows side by side"

Also Win+Tab on Win10 could get you a similar result:
This too will show live windows.

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