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Racing Kings DEATH MATCH!

Asked by Grainiac
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We have seen KOTH, Horde, Atomic, and numerous standard (yet awesome death matches).

However, I would like to start a RK death match.

How can I start one? Although I don’t have the streaming tools, I would like play 7 rounds of different time controls while making this a unique experience for RK players.
2 Answers
Answered by Chess_Geek2006
I don't think you can start an RK deathmatch by yourself. However, you can ask a moderator/site developer to start one. Good Luck:)

Answered by FVvariants
maybe you can ask falcon power he streamed one of the world cup variants.
RacingKingsKing commented :
good idea or iares he also streamed RK
Grainiac commented :
FalconPower closed his account. He won't be returning in a long time.
But I can create a forum where candidates can submit challenges against me for the upcoming RK match (must have streaming gear)

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