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Is there no possibility for one click moves ?

Asked by Thomson52
Tags one click move
Activity Viewed 94 times, last updated
Is there no possibility for one click moves ?
2 Answers
Answered by bufferunderrun
Several pieces can move to one square, so you will never be able to achieve this. In a truly one click way anyway.
Thomson52 commented :
how about if only one piece can move to a single square e.g. opening move d4 ?
Answered by Schnabelwolke
I'd like to back on this request. Shredder chess supports one-click move perfectly IMHO. E.g. if only Rh1 can move to h8, just click on h8 - no need to shift your pointer to h1 before. Quite convenient if for example multiple exchanges happen. If more than one piece can move you need to do a second click of course. Also if a piece only has one legal move just click on that piece and done.

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