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Want to use custom pieces in lichess.

Asked by CreativeThinking
Tags piece style help
Activity Viewed 60 times, last updated
I want to use this style in lichess but I'm unable in doing that. Can anyone help me, please?
One answer
Answered by bufferunderrun
That userstyle is just a board theme, it has nothing to do with the pieces.

Change .purple .is2d .cg-board, #top div.color_demo.purple
.is2d .cg-board

If you use Stylus instead of Stylish, you'd need to drop @-moz-document domain("") {...} as well.
CreativeThinking commented :
So where can I find those pieces?
bufferunderrun commented :
Hard to help you with this, since no one knows what you were looking for. I just let you know that the userstyle didn't have any pieces.

Anyhow, you can always create your own. Then you add .is2d {background-image:url(your-url-here-or-base64-data) !important;} and similar for other pieces.
CreativeThinking commented :
Oh well.. sorry I did not mention the pieces. I wanted to have those pieces that were shown in the preview. I got it btw! Thanks for the help!

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