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what is the three move? how does it work?

Asked by Ally_101
Tags spiderman super_m
Activity Viewed 112 times, last updated
well it is putting ur opponent in distraction while they don't know what you are trying to do then you are able to put them in check.
SlicingBishop2006 commented :
Could you clarify????????????????????????????????
LeopardCheetah commented :
I don't know what you mean. Clarify plz
One answer
Answered by FoxKing
There are 3 move checkmate sequences. An example of one of the ways to win in 3 moves can be seen in this game.

There is also a game variant called 'Three-check'. You can get more info on that game from the following link. Basically, it's a standard game of chess, but the winner is the first player to check the other player 3 times.
Ally_101 commented :
thanks but that not one that i mean sorry i will follow u to make u feel better

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