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View notes on user profile

Asked by xadrez_pt
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Is there any way to see the notes that other players have left on your profile?
5 Answers
Answered by Solal35
Here is a resquest of a player in the lichess feedback forum:
And here is the answer of o moderator and lichess developer:
It's Intentional, for similar reasons why we don't show the names of the people that blocked you. It can create an unfriendly atmosphere, because you never know what note someone leaves. At that point they'll become like brutal MySpace comments, which were one of the reasons people left en masse to join facebook instead.

I hope i helped you
xadrez_pt commented :
Thanks, you helped a lot!
Answered by Chess_Agent

You can read the notes written by another player only if you follow each other. As solal35 quoted, it's to prevent a messy atmosphere on your profile. Actually, it also gets cluttered too.
xadrez_pt commented :
Thank you both! :P.
Answered by Link
Wait, you can write on other peoples profiles?
seanysean commented :
Yes, go to someones profile (like mine), and beside the forum posts tab, there is a notes tab, click on that, and type away!
Answered by c_Q
How do I delete notes that I had posted on someones profile? I like to edit or delete what I have written in.
Luciano_the_best commented :
I don't know if you can. I would like though to have the option to delete or edit notes. I want to delete notes I wrote about a player but I can't delete them
Answered by c_Q
yes, if you follow them or they follow u.

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