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Is there an html link somewhere that will link directly to my board being played? (like tv but without tv)

Asked by smarf
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I'm trying to incorporate my lichess game into my OBS (open broadcast software) stream via browser input. I'm inputting the normal link ( but of course all of the other website's features are showcased so im difficultly masking out those elements.

I'm wondering if there is a way to link solely to the board as it is being played (and perhaps other elements like the clock) in the same manner that in a lichess tournament, the top game's board is being shown in the upper right hand corner.

Sorry if this is poorly worded. Thanks y'all :^)
2 Answers
Answered by tacoChess
I don't think there is but there is a "zen mode" when you're in a game press 'z' on your keyboard and it should hide most of the stuff except for the board, the moves and the clock.

If you can't do it with a keyboard try clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page, a menu will scroll appear and the last option above the ping meter should be "zen mode".

If that's not enough feel free to DM me and I'll see what I can do.

EDIT: Ok I think I misunderstood the problem… You mean in broadcasts and studies?
There are links that link directly to a game but it shows the same thing… I don't think that would help :/
Erm imma dig into it and see if I can find a quick solution (Unlikely)

EDIT 2: Ok I have a semi-solution for you… You can use the "embed" url (eg: )

I made a shitty video to explain:
smarf commented :
Not quite what I was looking for but thanks much for going through all the effort :^)
Answered by bufferunderrun
I don't think so. But why can't you just crop the input, either with crop/pad filter or by moving the sides of the box while holding down the Alt key?
smarf commented :
ah! the alt-key solution is exactly what i'm looking for- thanks man!! :^)

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