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[Crazyhouse] Analysis says it's game over? But players can just drop pawns and keep playing...

Asked by Scarlet_Evans
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Position example:

I can't neither analyze custom crazyhouse positions, nor start playing them against computer.

Is lichess analysis or Stockfish 9 simply not working with Crazyhouse?
Scarlet_Evans commented :
Plus, trying to drop a pawn as a White makes it to disappear, then nothing can be done... so I suppose it's either not working with Crazyhouse or it's bugged?
Goke09 commented :
looks like a bug to me too
One answer
Answered by Mollus
Crazyhouse analysis works fine with Stockfish.

I don't know how you created your link, it seems to be standard chess with extra pieces. Does this one work for you?

Besides note that your position is impossible. Captured pieces are recycled in Crazyhouse so the 2 queens, 2 rooks etc. can not disappear.
Scarlet_Evans commented :
Thank you for answering my question! That's great, and it works for me!
Also, what you pointed out is of course correct, so to explain more about my question:

Yes, this position is "impossible", but it's impossible "on purpose", more like: (from) custom (starting) position.
For example, like some of the positions that Nakamura played against Komodo on Father's Day, when Komodo had multiple knights while Nakamura had none, or where Nakamura had knight instead of f-pawn, or just many other interesting positions that could be created, and that some masters consider, like each players having whole 3 rows of pieces, with a king in the corner and 23 knights ;-)

I do think that there's strategical and tactical value from analysing even such positions, so, I wanted to construct some "custom" positions like this in crazyhouse.
However, I didn't knew how to "get rid of extra pieces or add more of them" in board editor. Thus, I started modifying the link, but the link didn't worked, so I gave an easy example of such link in question above.

Now I know how to do this. Thank you and have a nice day! :-)

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