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Who knows more Lichess keyboard shortcuts?

Asked by aloisp
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This is a first approach of a keyboard shortcut list, probably far from complete.
Who knows more shortcuts?
Please tell us, even for other views.

Game view:
most options available in LichessTV view, too.
j - go to first move. [according to vim line up, arrow up]
k - go to last move. [according to vim line down, arrow down]
h - go to previous (half) move
l - go to next (half) move

<Enter> - go to move input field for SAN (Sc3) or UCI (e2e4) format

s - search player
<Enter> when editing search field: open players profile
<Esc> when editing search field: close search field

f - flip board (show it the other way)

/ - input chat
<Enter> when editing chat input field: send text to chat
<Esc> when editing chat input field: leave input field
z - during the game it will - for better focuse - hide all unnecessari elements.

Analysis board view:
? - show help window with keyboard shortcuts (in analysis board view)

Navigate the move tree
← / → Move backward/forward
j / k Move backward/forward
↑ / ↓ Go to start/end
0 / $ Go to start/end
shift ← / shift → Enter/exit variation
shift J / shift K Enter/exit variation

Analysis options
shift I Inline notation
l - Local computer analysis
a - Computer arrows
space - Play computer best move
x - Show threat
e - Opening/endgame explorer
f - Flip board
/ - Focus chat
shift C - Show/hide comments
? - Show this help dialog

Mouse tricks
You can also scroll over the board to move in the game.
Press shift+click or right-click to draw circles and arrows on the board.
2 Answers
Answered by jeansergio
ctrl+w : going back to work ;)
Answered by aloisp
ah, the boss key :-) close the browser

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