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Puzzle in the mobile App, where is the explanation?

Asked by gilles9999
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Hello in the previous version of the App there was the explanation of the kind of Tactics that was used in the puzzle.
I can't not find it anymore. Do you know if it really disappeared?
For kind of Tactics I mean: The Pin, The Skewer, The Fork, Discovered Attacks, Double Check, Overloaded Pieces, Zwischenzug...
For the developer: would be possible to add again the name of the tactics? (at it was before)
2 Answers
Answered by gilles9999
If my question is not too clear, please let me know, I can explain better,
Answered by gilles9999
The explanation of the tactics was one of the great feature of Lichess. But it seems that has been removed and in the new version of has been added (in are as "Suggested Tags", for example: Mat in 3, Mating Net...).
I hope you can add it again please.

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