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Why can't I hear any sounds?

Asked by Clarkey
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When playing, I can't hear any sounds.

Where is the option to enable them?
6 Answers
Answered by Sedec
Found it: first click your name, then "Sound" down the menu, then finally "Standard" (the slider is the volume). You're welcome.
george_stamps commented :
thank you!!! This worked for me>
Answered by Clarkey
The first issue is that you may not have sounds enabled from within lichess. The sounds can be enabled by pressing the speaker icon on the far top right of the page.

"I can't see the speaker icon."

If you can't see the speaker icon, it's probably because your browser does not support the sounds files lichess uses. Safari and Internet Explorer have dropped support for .ogg sounds. For all intents and purposes it is recommended that you use Google Chrome (or Chromium), or Firefox while using lichess.

"The sound icon is enabled but I can't hear anything."

Make sure that you have system sounds enabled, or your speakers are turned on. Test to see if your browser can make sounds by playing a Youtube video or something similar.

"I'm sure that there should be sounds playing. I've tested all these issues and nothing has worked."

You may have encountered a bug. When using another tab, it is not uncommon for sounds to not work. Fixes have been made to resolve this issue, however if the problem persists, please contact a member of staff.
Flindaroo commented :
I have the same problem - my system sound is on, the toggle sound icon is on, but in game I only get sound on the first move by each player, as well as when pieces are captured.
Flindaroo commented :
I'm on Chrome by the way
Clarkey commented :
Sounds like you might be missing a file resource. Has this issue been persistent, or only recent?
Flindaroo commented :
Past couple of weeks, although I hadn't been on lichess for a while before that.... I don't mind too much except it makes it very difficult to play bullet matches
Clarkey commented :
Weird. We're working on improving the sound support as we speak. But what you're describing sounds like a missing resource. If you're using chrome, perform a hard-refresh of the page and monitor for if move.ogg is downloaded by using Chrome's dev tools.
ponny commented :
i also report about this problem to clarkey but he thinks that i am fool.It basically happens when we are playing 0+1
Answered by fenosoa3
there's no sound at all, already tried all the possible solutions mentioned above, tried chrome, IE, even installed chrominum, the sound of my computer is running fine, any serious solution?
Answered by leonarth
You really could add a barred sound icon when the browser doesn't support .ogg.
Just having the icon disappear is really confusing.
Clarkey commented :
We're working on adding support to other browsers presently.
Answered by the_idle_one
the crazy thing is - as long as I play as a 'Anonymous' the sound works fine. But if I log in sound disappears...

BTW: I use Firefox (54.0.1 (32-Bit)) on Win 7,
Answered by dayalsoap
I have no idea how to get sound. I have windows 10 with Chrome and OSX with Chrome and Safari.. no sound icon, no nothing....

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