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Do accounts have expiration date?

Asked by Amatos
Tags accounts expiration
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There is a username I would love to have (I know...) butit seems it hasn't been used in about 5 years. That made me wonder if there is any plan to get any expiration date in accounts?

3 Answers
Answered by Chess_Agent
There's no expiration date... And accounts can't be deleted...

I'm afraid your solution would be to use a variation of that name.

I don't think they'll be any such - expiration account - plans.
Amatos commented :
my case was just the reason for me wondering about this topic. Anyways, wouldn't this mean that there would be a lot of phantom/inactive users?
Hitarth7 commented :
Yes, you are right.
Answered by Amatos
are there any plans on implementing this? or this is the way it will stay? just wondering...
Answered by Hitarth7
There is nothing like expiration date.
Don't worry.

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