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Am I playing against a robot?

Asked by sagy_dr
Tags robot quick pairing random
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Sometimes the Lobby is relatively empty of game challenges. But when I'm choosing the 1+0 option from quick-pairing, I'm getting an opponent in 3 seconds. Always. no matter how empty the lobby is.
Which makes me wonder if I am getting a robot with a random rating???
Also it's never someone I've already played before. And in the lobby I don't think there are players I haven't played already...
mariosdoub commented :
When you choose the 1+0 option, your game appears to lobby. You get a player when somebody choose your game. There are not any players at the lobby, because they are waiting for somebody to start a match to play with them (if you don't understand what I mean, send me a direct message)
sagy_dr commented :
I understand, thank you, but... I DON'T even see the game being published in the lobby after creating it.
and I thought it's unlikely that so many people are waiting in the lobby instead of creating a challenge.
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