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Is there any consistency to Pre Moves on this site?

Asked by vegan_cannibal
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I feel like the object of playing chess online is to imitate the experience of in person play. When I play a person in a cafe, it is physically impossible for them to make 10 moves with less than 1 second. Is there any regulation to pre-moves? i.e. how many pre moves can a player make? Could we have a timed tournament with the pre-move function disarmed? Thank You
2 Answers
Answered by DoTheMath
No, unless there's significant latency, premoves use no time. Premoves have become an integral part of online chess. Disabling premoves would also make users rely on their mouse (pad, wheel) speed more. That said, you can always disable them for yourself, and if you want to suggest a feature, you can do it in the Feedback Forum:
Answered by GBA87
Internet chess and in person chess are different. Premoves are a crucial part of internet chess.
vegan_cannibal commented :
I respectfully disagree. Premoves aren't pawns or chessboards, these are integral\crucial elements of the game. Premoves are just a feature which allows users to make moves they could not make on a real board. Being able to temporarily suspend time seems illogical.

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