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DGT chessboard on lichess

Asked by nicolas1
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I would like know if I can play on a DGT chessboard on lichess as such as this link

Thank you,

7 Answers
Answered by chukko
You can use Acid Ape Chess on Android - it supports Bluetooth eBoard. If you have only a wired USB version, you could check with the developer if this would work too.
Answered by dinejanac
A small app that would enable owners of DGT boards to use their boards on lichess web site (or any other web site) can be created easily in few hours. DGT on their web site provide document and simple C# and Java examples, showing how to easily retrieve moves made on the board. Those moves can be then automatically played in the browser by the same app, for example, by simulating mouse clicks on the screen. Even, DGT clock can be used to tick and show remaining time for both sides just by consuming one of available web api's and doing some simple math. Tried it. Works fine, fast and without issues.
bichopebitou commented :
hello where i can find this sample ? i don't find the page thanks
Answered by tsmiller1
Yes. I use a program on my tablet called Acid Ape Chess to play on Lichess using my bluetooth DGT Chessboard. It works great. You can also use Acid Ape Chess to play against some engines, and even add lots more engines to it.
podisiva commented :
Hi, I just ran into an issue using acid ape chess to connect to DGT board. The app is not recognizing my black king on g7 square. Did anyone have this issue? after connecting, I just placed a black K on g7 and it does not show up (sometimes on h7 too). But it can see a white K. This is strange!
Answered by bichopebitou

> DGT on their web site provide document and simple C# and Java examples

hello where i can find this sample ? i don't find the page thanks

EDIT : find it
Answered by lander
I think the best solution is do as Acid APE chess mobile app, with it you can play with DGT board in lichess from android without problems.

Please adds for users this feature to the lichess oficcial mobile app.
Answered by LPachman
Hello, Please think about the possibility of us , users of this beautiful site , we can use our DGT board.
Answered by Hellball
Sorry, it is not possible. Someone would have to create an installable client that can communicate with your DGT board, and there are no plans to do that. Lichess will always be, first and foremost, a web application so I wouldn't hold your breath for DGT support.
nicolas1 commented :
Thank you for your reply.
I think this link can help you :

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