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Think you have a bug in your software

Asked by gringo123
Tags apparent software bug
Activity Viewed 201 times, last updated
Hey, hasnt your soft got a bug ? Just been told the game was a draw after 2 fold repetition, It was almost 3 fold, but the black queen was in a different position the first time. See player206711 v. gringo123 10 minutes ago.
2 Answers
Answered by CM Sarg0n
3x same position in move 29, 32, 34

9.2 The game is drawn upon a correct claim by the player having the move, when the same
position, for at least the third time (not necessarily by a repetition of moves):
a. is about to appear, if he first writes his move on his scoresheet and declares to the
arbiter his intention to make this move, or
b. has just appeared, and the player claiming the draw has the move.
Positions as in (a) and (b) are considered the same, if the same player has the move,
pieces of the same kind and colour occupy the same squares, and the possible moves of
all the pieces of both players are the same.
Positions are not the same if a pawn that could have been captured en passant can no
longer be captured in this manner. When a king or a rook is forced to move, it will lose its
castling rights, if any, only after it is moved.
gringo123 commented :
Sorry, you're right, thought 29 was a different position. thanks a lot.
Toadofsky commented :
Even supposing there were a bug, it would need to be discussed in the Lichess Feedback forum anyway...
Answered by rhudors

this is to say that there must be a software bug or sthg like that...

I was ranked 529th with 35 points in the KOTH revolution#1 whereas @pleaseresignnow is ranked 527th with 31 points... looks strange !! :))
Jacob531 commented :
Looks buggish for sure
SF60 commented :
Yes,I think there is a bug in the software as we don't get the points for the matches we win. Also some matches we win are not added to the tournament ranking.

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