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Elo points refund

Asked by miki97
Tags refund
Activity Viewed 183 times, last updated
I played against a cheater, i reported him and next day he was banned.. I got 6 points of refund, but I dont understand it since I lost 11 points!
One answer
Answered by NeverBeenTimid
Criteria for rating refund:

" One minute after a user is marked as engine [1], their 30 latest rated wins are taken (but only the games played in the latest 3 days) [2]. If you are the opponent in one of these games, you get a rating refund if your rating was not provisional [3]. The rating refund will not be the full number of points lost if it would exceed *(your rating at the start of cheated game + points lost to cheater + 100)* (so, if you earned much rating after the games against the cheater, you might get no or only a partial refund) [4]. A refund will never exceed 200 points [4]. "

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