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How do you pronounce Lichess?

Asked by Pawtiko
Tags pronounce lichess faq
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I've recently been showing Lichess to my friends and fellow Chess players, but am unsure of how to pronounce the name. How do you say Lichess?
9 Answers
Answered by thibault
lee-chess. The "li" stands for "libre", and uses the same pronunciation.
Clarkey commented :
" liː-tʃes "

I think, I'm no expert on IPA pronunciations.
Hellball commented :
I can confirm the correctness of that pronunciation (for British English, at least). :)
chunkymonkey commented :
Hehe - I seriously thought it was pronounced like a popular Asian fruit :D Handy if you ever want to diversify!
bianca_mae commented :
"libre"? that means "free" in our language (im a filipino), well, proves to be like it
Vladimir_Ikhonov commented :
I'm still gonna pronounce it "lie-chess".
imthebadchessplayer commented :
Wait but isn't Lichen pronounced "lieckin"? Why isn't lichess pronounced "liekis?
pianogirl2 commented :
@Clarkey LOL how did you get that?
AcademicNinja99 commented :
Huh. So far I always pronounced it as lai-chess.
Answered by Dominator7777
I think it is pronounced lee-chess

Answered by RaghurajPratap
I think
it is pronounced as lee-chess
Answered by ratincello
i pronounce Leaches.....................
Answered by Vinvin
"li" from "liberty", see pronouciation here :
Adnan_Slef commented :
That's how I saw it
Answered by primalshade
"Li" as in Lich, "Chess" as in Chest.
vagabondcondor commented :
what is a lich? Never heard of this
Answered by JimiCRules
li like leonardo, chess. lichess. get that now
Answered by coolkidjuju
I just say li like LIon -chess

Answered by Burks
If you look closely at the simul page, every simul is named after an element on the periodic table, LI is for Lithium so it is Lithium Chess.

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