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Why is it already a draw when I only moved 2 times the same move?

Asked by YellowKlash
Tags draw
Activity Viewed 198 times, last updated
Isn't it just at the 3rd move?
One answer
Answered by WildeWildsau
It is the same position that must occur three times, not necessarily the same moves.

And it does not have to be on immediately consecutive moves either. What I mean is, it could be the same position on moves 39, 42 and 48 and still be a draw by threefold repetition.

I am sure somebody would be happy to point out where the repetitions occurred in you concrete example, if you provide a link to the game.
YellowKlash commented :
Oh thank you, I didn't knew about the threefold repetition, but I find this rule quiet questionable.
WildeWildsau commented :
If it is this game
you have the same position on moves 39, 41 and 43.

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