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how many rating?

Asked by jojoyxu
Tags master im lm fm gm cm rating award title master title
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IM = International Master
NM = National Master
CM = Candidate Msater
GM = Grandmaster
FM = FIDE Master

ignore LM for a sec
jojoyxu commented :
how many rating? and how to get LM?
jojoyxu commented :
@funnyanimatorjimtv said for GM you need 2500 ONLY ON TORDEMENTS
jojoyxu commented :
he also said for LM you need to be a good polite person and get 2000+ on everyting
jojoyxu commented :
IM: International Master, 2400 FIDE
FM: FIDE Master, 2300 FIDE
CM: Candidate Master, 2200 FIDE
NM: National Master, 2200
3 Answers
Answered by Musicknight123
You might want to try:

If that did not help and you did not understand it, these are the requirements for EACH title.

LM is a fun title exclusively used on lichess. It stands for Lichess Master. You have to be a good role model and ambassador of lichess and it is awarded rarely nowadays, but lichess has to gain your trust. You also have to be a good communal figure (no offensive arguments, swearing, etc.) and you also have to be a decent player. It is most commonly achieved by being a good ambassador to lichess and always being helpful and having a positive attitude towards the lichess community.

Candidate Master (CM) = 2200 FIDE rating or winning it in a tournament.

FIDE Master (FM)= 2300 FIDE rating or winning it in a tournament

International Master (IM) = 2400 FIDE + 3 IM norms (performing at or above 2499.5 or rounding up 2500) OR winning the title directly from a tournament. Please note that both of the requirements (rating + norms) must be met to achieve the IM title.

Grandmaster (GM) = 2500 FIDE + 3 GM norms (performing at or above 2599.5 or rounding up 2600) OR winning the title directly from a tournament. Please note that both of the requirements (rating + norms) must be met to achieve the GM title.
jojoyxu commented :
thanks! im useing it as a comment.
Answered by Paradise_Pete
This Wikipedia article has a pretty good explanation of each (except LM, of course).
jojoyxu commented :
i dont undrstand it can you explain it
FunnyAnimatorJimTV commented :
@jojoyxu If you scroll down about half way through the article it will explain what each title is and how you are awarded them in tournaments. They don't explain LM because you don't get an LM title in a real tournament, only by completely several criteria on lichess
jojoyxu commented :
did u read what i asked?
Answered by jojoyxu
for GM you need 2500 on tordements and 3 GM worms, for LM you need to show that your a nice percon on lichess for CM you need 2200, for FM you need 2300 (close to CM!) and for IM 2400(wow) + 3 LM worms.

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