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cheat detected in opening?

Asked by HolyShat
Tags cheater notification
Activity Viewed 346 times, last updated
how can someone be considered to cheat if we were only in the opening?
did the site detected he ran a software in the background? i can see no other reason.
here is the game in this situation. enjoy :)
DoTheMath commented :
It's best these things are not publicly disclosed/discussed - don't you agree?
HolyShat commented :
i kinda agree but this my question was about the system,not reporting :)
DoTheMath commented :
If that information was publicly available, it would only help cheaters get better at cheating. If a cheater knows how they may get discovered, they'll find ways to avoid it, no?
One answer
Answered by Francesco_Super
He probably had the analysis board open while playing
Francesco_Super commented :
Why the downvote? Isn't my answer correct? XD
nidav000 commented :
Yeah, I agree with you, Francesco_Super. That person cheated with an analysis board

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