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isnt this a draw?

Asked by smellysocks
Tags bugs possible bugs
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I thought if your opponent only has a knight / bishop then the most he can achieve is a draw, certainly not the full win 1-0
3 Answers
Answered by tth2507
Yes, you're right. But in your game is a black pawn left. Under these circumstances white can win (if black is really bad). Look at this position
smellysocks commented :
aha! so it would be a smothered mate or something. thanks for your example but you have black a bishop rather than a pawn
Answered by Paradise_Pete
I know it seems unfair, and maybe it is, but black could promote the pawn to a knight, then reach this checkmate position:
Paradise_Pete commented :
lol ignore the bishop one. I was going the wrong direction :-)
Paradise_Pete commented :
ok I edited out the bishop part.
Answered by smellysocks
ok that makes a bit more sense

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