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Lost game when opponent has only a bishop??

Asked by MandyChess
Tags loss on time??
Activity Viewed 226 times, last updated
Here is the link to the final position. My opponent has only a bishop. Why did I lose the game when my time expired?

2 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
White can mate in 6 moves:
70... g1=Q 71. Kd2 Qh1 72. Ke3 e1=Q 73. Kf4 Bg2 75. Kg4 Qeg1 76. Bg3#
isaacly commented :
you're getting good at answering this one, daniel!
Toadofsky commented :
In fairness, I only solve the easy ones.
Answered by contraalmirante
If your opponent only has a bishop is a draw, but if you have any piece, you lose because checkmate is possible then

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