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Create game with opening specified

Asked by reallukehand
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Its allowed in tournements. how about in an advanced control? Most likely a new variant so it wont effect your standard rating. You could set a preference that you like to play a certain opening position and have some kind of queue where other people that like that same opening (on the opposite side) will come up on some kind of alert.

That ratiaional being ... I love some openings and hate others. In my case I love two knights defense as black. I will gladly play anyone that wants to play. it is most likely unsound at the highest levels and people that understand how to play as white mostly crush me. Most dont, and I usually have a huge time adavantage.

So to me, playing it with people that understand it and also like it, would help each us of us to play better. Perhaps, view it as study quiz. Like I said, it would not affect your normal rating and the narrowness of it would dictate that the rating would have to include all time controls. Or another option would be to just have it as casual game.

Progamming wise, the casual option would take the least effert. And you could see what kind of demand there was. I think alot of people would like this very much. It would also complment the studies. I read about a new opening but hate to reduce my rating learning it. And we all need 'flying time' to really see how things work.

Honestly I think it would kick a@!, and keep putting lichess with the features that are not even avaible on paid sites!
One answer
Answered by Musicknight123
Some steps to help you:

1. Hover over the Play button
2. Click the tournaments button
3. Create new tournament button
4. You can set the opening, time control, rated or casual, name, and whether it's private or public.
5. If you only want certain people to play, choose private
5a. If you want anyone to play leave it public and click start tournament
5b. Send the link to others so they can join
6. Send the link to the people you want to play and practice with and give them the password.

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