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Were the Correspondence trophy's and top ten players removed from Lichess?

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I just checked there, and no-one has a correspondence trophy anymore! Not sure if this is a glitch/bug or was removed on purpose.. The top ten list on the community players page is gone too. Anyone know whats going on?
CTORH commented :
I think this is correct because corr. chess is more a study than a sport. Maybe the most productive must have something in their profile.
ILIKEMILK commented :
So wouldn't Classical be in the same boat too?
rzenaikrzys commented :
I am not happy with these changes, as well as many others,I don'n understand it,
many people have tried to show their good Correspondence game,but once again it has been taken away from them,it's unprofessional,no answer from lichess stuff,

You ask in the forum about opinion about this site?
No comment......
It is a pity only to users who have the idea of ​​helping and working together for a better future of this site
Garrret commented :
Maybe, it is just a bug, and they will fix this soon?
Otherwise it is obviously not right that we haven't top list for correspondence.
andonuts commented :
I wouldn't jump to any conclusions until we hear from thibault or a moderator, but I'll venture a guess that it's due to a combination of Correspondence's unpopularity, the incredible potential for cheating in Correspondence, and the fact that its removal balances out the players page a bit.
rzenaikrzys commented :
It's not constructive thinking,let us trust people,look at ICCF,there is answer for thibault
fartbarker commented :
Players can cheat in classical as well. I'm sure there are cheaters in correspondence but I doubt it's that widespread. I would imagine one would get bored with it.
Grufalo commented :
Correspondence chess is not different from real-time chess. I do not understand why did they take away top list.
BulletBoss commented :
Without having trophies and top10 playing correspondence become a joke. Who wants to play that casual stuff? Better remove then this inadequate correspondence altogether.
5 Answers
Answered by Hellball
It was removed because it was too difficult to monitor and keep clear of cheaters. Moreover, a lot of people play it as if it's blitz. Find like-minded players and it's not hard to get to the top by just being a good blitz player with infinite time.

It probably won't be coming back, though of course correspondence is here to stay.

To downvoters: it wasn't my decision, don't shoot the messenger!
Unihedron commented :
+1 for begging for mercy. :P
achja commented :
Sad to hear this.

I made quite an effort to try to reach 2250 with corr. chess here, and a possible LM title, since a master title in real life is too difficult (noise, stamina during real life tourneys is different from online chess)

Now that dream is ... in the fridge :|

Oh well, maybe I should get into gardening :-)
BulletBoss commented :
And you'll get your GM Title anyway - Gardening Master.
BulletBoss commented :
What are you talking about?
Top10 for blitz and top10 for correspondence was 100% different people.
Your theory is wrong.
Removing top list for correspondence is a mistake.
BulletBoss commented :
OK, what we have now?

Cheaters - 1
Lichess - 0

The fact that you gave up monitoring correspondence is really disappointing - it looks like cheaters defeated lichess.
You definitely have to return top list for correspondence, as well as trophies.
Fighting against cheaters is easy - just hire more mods that are strong chess players, and buy newer servers.
ViolinZero commented :
I just noticed that the chess variants' ratings (i.e. Chess960, King of the Hill, etc.) are the same for Real Time and Correspondence. Am I wrong? Does this mean that you can have trophies and enter into Top 10 ONLY playing Correspondence in these variants? I'm really confused.
Hellball commented :
No ViolinZero, those are counted as variants. I am playing rated Chess960 correspondence right now. It counts as a Chess960 game, not a Correspondence game.
Solal35 commented :
@Hellball, i think you didn't understand that said ViolinZero
@ViolinZero: Yes, players can be in the top 10 in a variant and only play correspondences game of this variant.
ViolinZero commented :
@Hellball: I know that if you play rated Chess960 correspondence (as I'm doing) it counts as a Chess960 game. But still, it's confusing: it's easy to cheat in Chess960 correspondence, then why did you remove only Correspondence Top 10? Isn't this illogical? In my opinion you should just reactivate Correspondence Top 10, as well as trophies, because if we apply the same thinking process to the other chess variants, you should remove a lot of top 10 leaderboards, right? And well, this would be really sad..
DaanNoordenbos commented :
i agree with ViolinZero
achja commented :
Gardening Master, haha, nice one ! :)

Still I would Lichess to bring back at least the correspondence chess in the rankings.
And preferably bring all back like before!

"a lot of people play it as if it's blitz" is imho not a valid reason to remove the trophies etc. It would be a reason to have removed the whole corr. chess.

I do blitz in corr. chess when the best candidate move is an easy one,
and I do blitz in corr. chess in the opening when I'm familiair with the moves.
What's wrong with that ?
Hellball commented :
None. But it is a reason to remove the competitive element from it. That, and the fact we can't look effectively for cheaters.

Either way, it's a losing battle the way I see it. When chess is finally solved, it will be the immediate death of correspondence chess. So I'd say, keep it between friends and use the rating only as a rough guide for people who are honest.
ViolinZero commented :
@Hellball: There are ICCF titles (recognized by FIDE) for correspondence chess, so imo correspondence is much more competitive than chess variants (are there any official titles for horde, atomic or King of the hill?). As for the cheating problem, I repeat my point: it's the same for Chess960 and Classical.

Also, it's completely unrealistic that chess will be solved in the near future (see Claude Shannon for more information).

Anyway, I respect your opinion: I just don't get the consideration that you have for correspondence chess.
Answered by KM2200
Remove the correspondence, then introduce ultra-bullet. It's a sad trend...
Answered by Ge0n
I would also like to throw in with all the 'bring back distribution / trophies' comments.

Sure it's not perfect, but nothing is. At least with the stats you could have some measure of transparency.

Saying people often play like blitz is also a bad argument - if so it just gives a natural edge to the players who take it seriously and take time over their moves - as it should be.

Also - I often play correspondence here and on and I regularly win meaning the cheaters can't be trying too hard...
Answered by AChessPlayer2016
I would say everyone wants to "Get on with it!".
Answered by noorbakhsh
noorbakhsh commented :
notzmv commented :
@Synadze opinion on agree

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