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A bug in Atomic mode?

Asked by SeerThe
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Good day!

In my recent game ( at the end I get a checkmate (I think), which is not recognized by engine -- I found myself in a position where I cannot move any piece and game continues. I had to resign to finish it.

My question is, how do i report a bug? Or my judgement is flawed and I missed something?
One answer
Answered by Toadofsky
Black has a single legal move in that position, and a strong one at that!

5... Nxf2#
SeerThe commented :
But from Atomic rules I read "A checkmate is declared if a king is put in check, even if the king isn't immediately blown up, given that the king has no escape squares." How can I move knight while my king stays in check?
nobody22 commented :
If you are in checkmate, the bishop still has to make another move to get the king. If the knight moves to f2, then the king will be blown up on that move.

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