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About rating label

Asked by AdrianoNunesFX
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Hi, everyone. I'm a chess enthusiast. My question: When we take a preview of a player (without entering in his profile), we see his nickname, country, and rating on diferent variants. I want know if is possible to choose which variants I want to show when someone checks my label. For example, I don't want to show my correspondence rating, since I don't play it anymore, but I want King of the Hill on it's place. This is possible? If not, can developers create this option? With love, Adriano. <3
2 Answers
Answered by Jacob531
1. You currently cannot (as far as I know).
2. To make a suggestion, go here:
Answered by heronimo
@Thibault / lichess: could this be editable somehow? my bullet rating won't show :-)

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