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Could we have variant marathons?

Asked by ogdougiec
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The antichess shield tournament today was by far the most entertaining and fun tournament I have ever done in anti. The marathons are longer versions of these shield tournaments. Would it be possible for there to be variant marathons? It wouldn't have to be every season like standard chess (could be yearly, twice yearly, etc.), but I think the variant communities would love it (myself included.)
Thank you to everybody who helps here at lichess for keeping this site great!
Jacob531 commented :
This topic would probably get more attention in

Good luck!
ogdougiec commented :
Thanks for your suggestion. Will do.
One answer
Answered by Musicknight123
There are now revolution tournaments that are 24 hours and 3+2. The upcoming one is:

Also, take a look about Fischy's post on variant revolutions:

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