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Why was my game aborted?

Asked by teg
Activity Viewed 231 times, last updated

After my last move, my Android app acted as disconnected.
I was expecting my opponent to win after making a last move even if he had few seconds only to complete the game.
Was he prevented to get the win after my disconection?
One answer
Answered by Solal35
You were disconnected because Lichess did a uptade, and when it does, all current games are canceled I think.

teg commented :
Hum maybe
I can't find anybody mentioning maintenance or server restart on Twitter though
teg commented :
From the browser interface I can read:
" Black + 15 seconds
Lichess has been updated
White + 15 seconds
Sorry for the inconvenience!"
So you're probably right, thanks!
I couldn't read this from my mobile app.

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