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Where to begin while just starting to prepare a repertoire?

Asked by saketk21
Tags opening
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I am a self-learning chess player. While I am ambitious about strengthening my game, I have no intention of becoming a professional player or spending a ton of money on chess, owing to the cost factor. So, where can I begin to prepare an opening repertoire using free resources? Also, suggest good free resources for developing a positional playing sense if any known.
One answer
Answered by fiveTimes
Lichess has some good resources. Take a look at them
For making an opening repertoire you can use the lichess study and open explorer: and lichess opening explorer.
To learning HOW to make/build a repertoire ask on lichess forum including tips.
(Although they don't recommand making a repertoire for beginners.)
To learn (positional) chess I personally would recommand some (lichess) streamers.
IM sparklehorse
IM astaneh's classic videos.(not bullet)
IM mostrovski videos (not bullet)
IM Juraldo videos
For more ask in the forum.

PS. Outside lichess resources are not mentioned here.

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