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Is suggesting moves in the chat cheating? Or simply discussing move options?

Asked by musickman01
Tags cheating is he cheating? is it cheating?
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Is it cheating if a spectator suggests a move in the chat? Will that player be banned? Or what if they discuss possible move options in the chat? Especially in the case of a lower rated player being the one suggesting moves.
3 Answers
Answered by fiveTimes
No, that is not cheating. Because the players can NOT read the chat.
The spectators cannot also read the chat between players, unsless the players type starting with a "/w " or "/whisper ".

Thanks to DoTheMath for correction.
DoTheMath commented :
It's "/w" or "/whisper".
Answered by As_de_Pique
Are you sure that all players cannot read the chat ?
I don't know how it is possible but it looks like in the following game
During this game the black players speaks with another connected player.
Answered by As_de_Pique
Sorry: The good link is

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