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I have this message "Sorry, engines are not allowed in this area"

Asked by gigliola
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Hi to every one,
i play regularly but in the last days i saw that i could only play non-rated games.
At the beginning i just didn't understood but after i saw that i was not anymore registered in any arena. So i tried to register again and i had this message:

"Sorry, engines are not allowed in this area."

Could someone make something to reactivate my account? I'm not cheating, i just play in spare time to improve myself.

BJC333 commented :
The same thing happens to me today, they qualified me with a red warning that warns other players that supposedly use a chess engine, I believe there must be clarity to determine something like that. please indicate what steps to follow to recover the honor in the account thanks
6 Answers
Answered by Solal35
Hello gigliola !

You can't play rated game and do tournament because you are flagged: " This player artificially increases/decreases their rating".

It's because you increase your rating againt the player tong Game (now, this account are closed).
Here are your game againt Tonggame:
Answered by AChessPlayer2016
I found out you were artificially boosting your rating.
You shouldn't have accepted the rematch.
Answered by AChessPlayer2016
Maybe you didn't tell your opponent and they reported it.
Answered by hackobL
I have an ie next to my name wat does that mean?
Answered by karlek1
Hello Lichess Team, I use yor platform to train, I it is a great help specially for people like that that don't have the possibility of having a regular training to increase the chess strength, I have a question though: so far I have been training in solving puzzles just watching the screen, my question is : Could it be considered a kind of cheating if I use a phisical chess set to solve the puzzle?
Answered by Alihene2
You were sandbagging, and that's a type of cheating. You yourself do not see the mark on your profile

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