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Received notification "You lost to a cheater" -- How do I see the game in question?

Asked by butilikefur
Tags cheat notification
Activity Viewed 510 times, last updated
Hi. I had two of these notifications in the last hour (wow... but also wow! good job) but when I click on them it takes me to my profile. I've found out the game and persons involved but is it possible to be taken to the game directly, no guessing?


P.S. I appreciate getting the points back.
One answer
Answered by Jacob531
No, it is not possible. Lichess doesn't even like naming flagged cheaters, which I respect. Obviously, if you go to a cheater's profile, it will have that big red flag, but lichess feels no need to broadcast the cheter's name to all of the players that the cheater has played within the last thirty days.
butilikefur commented :
Yeah, I guess that's fair. Thanks
passw0rds commented :
why not? Share information about cheating helps get rid of it.
guigui227 commented :
I'ts a good idea.
guigui227 commented :
I'ts a good idea.

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