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Archive of notifications?

Asked by mk1003
Tags notification archive
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I am working with a trainer and I would like to be able to access older notifications, well, in fact of course the session that he invited me to via those older notifications. Any way to see more than the usual 4-5 latest notifications?
Many thanks in advance,
3 Answers
Answered by Francesco_Super
You click on your username on the top right of the page and click on Inbox. There you can see all your previous messages.

I hope it helps! :)
mk1003 commented :
Thanks Francesco but those are the messages. I am looking for an archive of the notifications. I do not find those in my Inbox. At least not in mine.
Answered by Hitarth7
Please put a tick-mark so I will understand that you have checked my answer!!!
Answered by Hitarth7
There is no archive message option. You can write a review to to add this option.
mk1003 commented :
Thank you, understood.

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