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How do I move a chapter from one study to another?

Asked by thchozen0ne
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I am trying to organize my studies. I created some studies of random games I played in the past, and I would like to organize all those games into one study.

Is there a way to move a chapter from one study to another? Thanks.
3 Answers
Answered by Luciano_the_best
I don't think you can. However, you can now create a new study, and put games you played in that study, instead of in a new study.
Answered by thchozen0ne
Suppose I have studies A and B. Study A is of tournament games and contains chapters A1, A2, A3, etc. and Study B is of grandmaster games contains chapters B1, B2, B3, etc..

Suppose I want to create Study C in order to compile games in the French Defense. The only way to move any of the games to Study C is to input them all from scratch, re-create all the variations, and re-write the annotations for every single game!
Answered by Axp156
I dig up this topic.
Could this function (duplicate a single chapter) be implemented later on in Lichess ?
It doesn't seem to complicated from an external point of view (copying some code from one study and pasting into the new study).
At the moment, we can already duplicate a full study.
Thanks !

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