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What does a question mark (?) next to my rating mean?

Asked by Unihedron
Tags rating design faq provisional
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When I inspect a rated game of mine, I see:

Unihedron (1156?) +49

What does the question mark next to my rating mean?

(Note that, when I hover on my userbar, it also shows a question mark for the variant games.)
5 Answers
Answered by thibault
The question mark means the rating is provisional.

Concretely, that means the glicko2 deviation is superior to 110. The deviation is the level of confidence the system has in the rating. The lower, the more a rating is stable.

More games generate better rating stability, unless the rating vastly fluctuates.

TL;DR: Play more games and the question mark will disappear.
Septagonizate commented :
Hey Thibault does that also mean you gain/lose less elo per game?
Awesomazing commented :
110 deviation in bullet, but still ? in profile.
so you change the maximum number again, right?
coolkidjuju commented :
I've always thought what when I see it
Answered by chessBulgar
Listen, Yesterday I had a normal rating, though I suffered a strike of losses, maybe all of a sudden everyone I played was "Kasparov on steroids", and today my rating is 1500? and no matter what I do I does not change. How come?
SachovyZbojnik commented :
Same here! My rating stayed at 1954? and one day I played a rated game and no rating went up. Not even after 18 games! And it still does not work!
Answered by vaieder
it means that you have a question to god. not the conventional one... it is eder, the super panda and rui patricioooo
Answered by nb9022
that shortly means its begginer to play at lichess
Answered by Alihene
I don't know. maybe it means that you've played only one or two variants.

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