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How can I make a Study about the opposition and distant opposition, if Lichess won't play from a position of insufficient material?

Asked by onwardknave
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How can I create a Study with just two kings (about opposition) that Lichess won't consider the end of the game already? I'd really like to practice opposition and distant opposition with students.
2 Answers
Answered by NemPlayer

You can set the variant to "Antichess" and it will not be a draw. Just pretend that it's standard variant.

I hope this helped!
Answered by onwardknave
Thanks, that seems to work! Does each variant have restrictions that I'll have to shuffle around for unique, or unusual puzzle making? It would be nice if Lichess had a Sandbox mode that didn't consider objectives/legality. It might allow for retrograde analysis puzzles and a bunch of other types.
NemPlayer commented :
In antichess, the only problem is that you can get the king's to have no squares in between them, but that doesn't matter much.

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